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Customer Center

General information


-Forgot your password? Click (forgot my password) on log in page. We will provide temporary password.

-Please reset the password on MY PAGE after receiving the temporary one.



Make a payment (Payment Methods)

-Credit card


-Wire transfer



Cash receipt

-We issue cash receipt on cash purchases upon the request to Customer center.




Order status

-check your order status on our website: My ACCOUNT-MY PAGE – ORDER

-The order will be cancelled automatically after three days if the payment has not been made.




-Overnight delivery on the fully-paid items until 1 p.m (Overnight delivery on items that are paid fully until 1 p.m)



 Delivery charge

-frees shipment on all purchases. (MADGOAT provides free shipment on all purchases)

-However, when the customer changes mind and requests refund or exchange, the customer has to send 2500 shipment fee along with the product.



Change of Address

-Please contact Customer Center 02-2274-1010 for address changes.

-If the shipment has been already made, the change can’t be made.



Exchange and Return policy

-The request has to be made within 7 days after receiving the product.

-The product should be unused and contain all the original contents.

-The request can’t be made when the scratch has been made on the product or when the tag has been removed. (The request can’t be made when the customer misused the product or when the tag has been removed.)



 Return policy

-Please send the product with the full packaging to the address below

Eunyang Building #102, Shinbanporo 45-22, Seochogu, Seoul

-Or, please call the customer center,02-2274-1010 for the additional help.

-After checking the condition of the returned product, we fully refund the amount.

Return lead times are :

-Deposit/Wire transfer: 2-5 working days

-Credit Card: 5 to 7 working days (Can be differed by card company’s own policy)

-Please send 5000 won along with the product when returning

-Full refund won’t be made until the shipment fee is received.




-Exchange can be made with a product that is of an equal value.

-When the price is different, make the new order after refunding the previous product.

-Please send the product with the full packaging to the address below



-We will ship the new product within three days after receiving the previous one.

-If the request is being made upon the change of customer’s mind, please send the shipment fee of 5000 won for the round trip.

-The package will be sent back to the customer if the shipment fee is not sent with the package.



Order change and cancellation

-Please contact customer center, 02-2274-1010 for the order change or cancellation.

-However, the change cannot be made once the shipment has been already made.


Warranty policy

-MADGOAT warrants Products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ONE YEAR.

-Free A/S cannot be made under these conditions below:

1.When the one-year warranty is expired.

2.This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear. (This warranty does not apply to defects made by customers)

3. When the A/S has been made by other companies other than MADGOAT HQ.

In other cases, customers can be compensated for the loss based on the Consumer Law.




-Apply for A/S to MADGOAT Customer Service center

-If you want to apply on-line, please send us email to the address below:



 Progress and lead time

-The lead time can be different based on the products.

-We will individually inform you on A/S availability and lead time after checking the condition of the product.

-For more details on A/S, please contact the Customer Service Center 



Shipment fee

-Please pay the shipment fee in advance when sending via parcel service

-MADGOAT will send the product fast and safely without any charges after A/S